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Equipment for Loan Categories

Regardless of the difficulty of the equipment, we recommend testing all equipment before use to make sure settings are optimized for your needs and environment. Our staff can sit down with you and teach you how to use any equipment or how to process the output files.

Equipment that typically requires a basic understanding of technology. These items can usually be learned in a few minutes. Although they are significantly easier to learn and operate, they can sometimes be lower quality than the more complex equipment simply because there tend to be less control options.
Equipment that tends to be higher quality than beginner-level equipment but is easier to manage than advanced-level equipment. All intermediate items are high quality and can be learned relatively quickly. These can have more settings or components that can become confusing but don't be afraid to try them out and feel free to ask the staff for help or advice.
Equipment that tends to require a stronger understanding of technology. This does not mean these items are impossible to learn or that you have to be an expert to use them. They have more settings and components that can be more complicated to manage.
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