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Sanyo Hd1a Camcorder In Progress

Slide 1 Sanyo Hd1a Camcorder Tutorial

Sanyo Hd1a Camcorder Tutorial By: Chris Vater

Slide notes


Slide 2 LCD Screen

LCD Screen

Slide notes


Slide 3 Right

Right hd1a_side_rt

Slide notes


Slide 4 Back

Back hd1a_back

Slide notes


Slide 5 Left

Left hd1a_side_lt

Slide notes


Slide 6 Front

Front hd1a_front

Slide notes


Slide 7 Bottom

Bottom hd1a_bottom

Slide notes


Slide 8 Top

Top hd1a_top

Slide notes


Slide 9 Accessories

Accessories 4gb SD Card USB Cable Power Adapter Base Station USB SD Card Reader Mini Tripod Cable Connector Microphone Cable Case Manual (won t need it after viewing this)

Slide notes


Slide 10 Specifications

Specifications Records in easy to use .mp4 & .jpg format 2.2 inch LCD Screen Record in high and standard definition Shoot both still shots and video Small and lightweight (3lbs) 10x optical zoom w/ 10x digital zoom 5.1 megapixel

Slide notes


Slide 11 Contact Information

DMC Logo Address: Biochemistry Building, Room B1131 420 Henry Mall Madison, WI 53706 Phone: (608)265-4817 Email: Contact Information

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End of slides

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