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H4 Recorder and Light Kits

Slide 1 Mise-en-scene

Mise-en-scene Creates an atmosphere for the audience Is comprised of anything on or off the screen that the audience can see or hear Lighting and sound express emotions

Slide 2 H4 Audio Recorder

H4 Audio Recorder Records in Stereo or 4 channels Device can be plugged in or takes 2 Aas SD card accessible at the top of the device by sliding away the door 512 Mb included

Slide 3 Main Screen

Main Screen Allows us to access files We can choose our formats 96 Khz 48 Khz 44.1 Khz mp3

Slide 4 The Windscreen

The Windscreen Covers the microphones Guards against harsh gusts of air

Slide 5 To Record

To Record To prep for recording press the red button and it will flash To record press it again and it will glow solid To Stop press the button a third time

Slide 6 Input Controls

Input Controls Gains LMH Jog Dial to access menus

Slide 7 Line In controls

Line In controls Power Switch USB Cable Connects to the device and the computer Will appear as an external hard drive access stereo folder Headphone head phone controls

Slide 8 Mounting the plate

Mounting the plate velcro wraps around the device to secure small hole in the back has standard screw size

Slide 9 Menu

Menu we can access our menus and files Stereo 2 channels Surround 4 channels Meter reads how much sound we are getting from each channel

Slide 10 Manual

Manual READ IT if you have questions

Slide 11 Light Kit

Light Kit Halogen light It can get hot Diffusion glass takes a little harshness off of the light don't look at the light when it's on

Slide 12 Power Supply and Dimmer

Power Supply and Dimmer Goes into the bottom Match the grove on the tip with the base Secure firmly Dimmer Switch The dimmer Ohm's law: 2x the distance = 25% the light

Slide 13 Mounting the light on a stand

Mounting the light on a stand Mounted on a tripod 2 pieces to connect to the tripod match the holes up screw in snugly Tripod loosen the connection on the light slip the tripod into and screw snug

Slide 14 Clamp

Clamp Used to hold flags Can connect to a jointed attachment

Slide 15 Umbrella

Umbrella The inside of the umbrella has a light diffusing material It gives your subject a softer light

Slide 16 Lamps

Lamps Very expensive!! Don't touch the bulb itself

Slide 17 Stinger

Stinger Casts small amounts of light Has a car outlet adapter

Slide 18 Manual

Manual Know all of your accessories Answer your questions

End of slides

Table of Contents

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